Welcome to the MAHS Medieval Cart Project.  For our senior project we are building a medieval cart which is a replica of one built in England in 1320 A.D. It is our intent to replicate the farm cart, drive it with a 700 pound load around the soccer field, and donate it to a museum.



This is a picture of the students who built the cart and our mentors: Mr. Lutkus and Mr. Eisenhuth.

Front Row (L to R):Pat Brennan, Jennie Doyle, Lauren Purcell, Kate Farrell, Amy Slovick, Ashley Holley, and Christian Roberts Second Row (L to R): Brandon Oakill, Mike Kachmar, Derek Rinaldo, Brandon Kochkodin, Matt Schultz, and Steve DonlinThird Row (L to R): Mr. Lutkus, Jared Kowalchick, Ross Sterling, Jeremy Ernst, Dave Viola, Matt Murphy, Sean Brennan, Mark Schultz, and Mr. Eisenhuth.



The History and Our Goal on Building the Medieval Cart

Pictures Building the Cart

Medieval Cart Displays

3-Dimensional Model of the Cart

Cart Tour

Cart at the Higgins Armory Museum

Cart at the Kentucky Horse Park

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